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Why Noela ?


Snail friendly

Ecological and manual extraction of the highest quality snail slime that does not harm snails.



Heals damaged tissue and ensures faster skin regeneration.


Anti-aging effect

Nourishes the skin in depth and smoothes wrinkles.


Excellent absorption

After application, the skin is not greasy, but soft and silky.


Natural ingredients

40% snail slime, jojoba oil, shea butter and beeswax.


Top quality

Proven through analysis by independent experts

Our products

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Our story

NOELA developed out of a family business that began with breeding snails for culinary purposes. Due to the market demand, over time we have recognized our challenge in manufacturing cosmetic products of the highest quality . As there is little literature and experience in this field in Slovenia, we have developed our own approach, which we used to learn how to obtain the highest quality snail slime.

Our key competitive advantage of our cosmetic line is that we add up to 40 percent high-quality snail slime to our products. This high slime content allows for faster and more effective results.

Participating in the “Štartaj, Slovenija” project, which declared the Noela Cream a hit product of 2017, made us known to the public.