How to properly use a cream with a snail slime

The NOELA cream is a true refreshment for your skin, as the results appear soon after the first use. This is due to its high 40 percent content of snail slime. But attention! The effects will only be visible if the skin is prepared properly.

It starts with skin care
Some people use make up on a daily basis, others constantly touch their face with hands, work in dusty areas or polluted environment … Exposure to external effects leaves impurities on your skin that need to be removed. The skin should be properly prepared by cleaning and tonifying it, as the cream should not be applied in thick layers.

To make it easier for you to understand the importance of clean skin before applying the cream, I am asking you the following: Would you prefer to eat your lunch from a clean or a dirty plate? I’m sure, the answer is a clean one. Well, the same goes for our skin. If we want a good result, all the impurities need to be removed from the skin first.

How to clean the skin properly?

Oily to mixed skin should be cleaned with cleansing foam or gel in the morning or in the evening.

We clean dry skin exclusively with cleansing milk in the evening.

All skin types are tonified with a moisturizing tonic in the morning and in the evening.

Afterwards we apply the NOELA cream.

For whom is the NOELA cream intended?
To all! It is intended for young and mature skin, and you can expect a regenerative effect due to a 40% content of slime.

Removes dead cells and nourishes
It is common knowledge that our skin itself is constantly renewed by the natural process of cell peeling. Over the years, skin renewal slows down and dead cells begin to load on the skin that loses the natural shine, the wrinkles become deeper, and the complexion uneven.
The key feature of snail slime is to provide a quicker skin renewal, as it has the natural ability to remove dead cells and contains a lot of nutrients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastane, allantoin, antioxidants, proteins and vitamins.
The result at the end are fewer lines and wrinkles, pigment spots, scars, healthy skin appearance. Under the lines: bye to unclean skin!

How to get even better results with NOELA cream with skin inconveniences


To get faster results, I recommend you to visit a beauty salon before using the NOELA cream. The beautician can make you an enzyme or acid peeling and clean your skin. After such a treatment, the skin will be much more prepared for the nutrients of the NOELA cream which will wipe out the traces of unclean skin more quickly.


In the “erasing” of pigment stains, it is advisable to visit a beauty salon for good and fast results. They will take care of your skin appropriate to your pigment spots. The beautician will make sure that the stains become brighter, making your skin ready for the NOELA cream.


Anti-aging effects of the cream will also be faster and more effective with the application of cream on cleansed skin, which can also be taken care of in the beauty salon.

I have been using the cream myself since the Fras family began their story with the snail slime cream. Since I was so excited about the results, I decided to sell it in my own beauty salon. And the customers say they are satisfied with NOELA cream.

Salon sprostitve, zdravja in lepote, Studio NIVES
Nives Kolarič


The Noela cream is available at points of sale in all Interspar megamarkets and selected Spar stores.
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